Hva kommer først?

Kinesthesia kommer fra det greske kinesis som betyr bevegelse. Begrepet refererer til opplevelsen av å bruke egen muskelkraft til å sette kroppen i bevegelse.

Sitat fra Yi-Fu Tuans bok Space and Place The Perspective of Experience:

«What sensory organs and experiences enable human beings to have their strong feeling for space and for spacial qualities? Answer: Kinesthesia, sight, and touch. Movements such as the simple ability to kick one’s legs and stretch one’s arms are basic to the awareness of space. Space is experienced directly as having room in which to move. Moreover, by shifting from one place to another, a person acquires a sense of direction. Forward, backward and sideways are experientially differentiated, that is, known subconsciously in the act of motion.»

Boka er på pensumlista. Jeg foreslår å fokusere på kapittel 1, 2 og 3 slik at dere får dere noen like referanser å diskutere.